Want to get divorced, but don’t have much time? Fortunately, there’s a way to do it online. Here’s how to file for divorce online.

First, you’ll need to see with your state if e-filings can be done online. Go to your state court’s website, or give them a call to find out. If you can’t see it immediately, then you can browse around the Family Law or Family Court section, look for the “e-filing” link or do a quick search on the site’s engine. Alternately, you can click on the self-service or self-help link, or include the keywords “divorce” on the state court’s site. Keep in mind you may need to hire an attorney to file it for you online. Read the FAQs or the requirements thoroughly before proceeding.

Should your state court allow for e-filing without an attorney, you’ll usually see a small fee associated with the process. A filing fee is needed whether you’re filing for divorce in the usual courthouse or through the online website. The fees actually vary by state, but it shouldn’t be more than $20.

When you’ve checked the site and didn’t see the e-filing form for divorce, or if you’ve called your state court and they don’t offer the service online, then you’ll need to resort to other means. Don’t worry, because there are third-party websites that could help you file for divorce online. There’s also a fee associated with these services, though they could present minor disadvantages. The form you fill out won’t be reviewed by a qualified attorney, plus the filing charges are significantly higher than the state court’s. Check the company’s preparation business by seeking them out in Better Business Bureau for positive reviews and legitimacy.

Finally, provide legal notice for your spouse once you’ve made up your mind and filled out your divorce papers online. You may give them the completed filing as “notice,” and send it via mail or in person. You may also cite a publishing notice via general circulation newspapers in their city or town of residence. Double check with your state and find out which types of service are allowed, or the divorce is dismissed and you will have to start over.