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CompleteCase.com has been around for years and has an excellent reputation, judging by the feedback and reviews they have a very good client satisfaction rate.

Their online services cover all fifty U.S. states including Canada as well. None of the other sites appear to have such a wide spread business.

CompleteCase.com’s pricing plan is rather expensive when compared to other online sites, especially as there is an added cost of hiring an attorney. Having said that, it is still one of the cheaper alternatives around. Whether it is value for money or not, the jury is still out as most of the other sites offer the same service–but with the added benefit of a personal case manager at half the price.

New kids on the block like DivorceStation.com are an example with their plans ranging from $50 for Do-It-Yourself and $149.00 with the option of a case manager. This will make it very hard for CompleteCase.com to be competitive in the current market if they don’t lower the price of their services. Their reputation has seen them on shows like Good Morning America and this exposure has been nothing but positive.

If you have no doubts about your ability to handle your divorce without any of those extra perks then CompleteCase.com may be the online divorce site that is right for you.

More about CompleteCase.com

With a user friendly system and a database of up-to-date documents for all of the fifty U.S. states, CompleteCase.com will always come up in a conversation about online divorce websites.

The instructions are detailed and easy to follow, and a money back guarantee will leave you feeling assured of receiving a quality service. Being ranked in our top 3 sites is a bonus.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day via phone and email. Unfortunately, there is no live chat, which has caused some concern–but the staff are friendly and reliable. They understand that a divorce situation can be very stressful and will do everything they can to help and guide you.


CompleteCase.com will come in at no 3 in this review. It does comes highly recommended but value for money is questionable, especially with new sites popping up offering more and charging less. The staff are very professional and their commitment to quality is undeniable, which will make people think in a whole new way about DIY divorce.


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