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DivorceWriter.com is not as user friendly as most of the other sites, but the tools it does have will enable you to complete your online divorce with minimal worry and stress. Unfortunately, though there seem to be a myriad of complaints according to the Better Business Bureau. On the positive side, they do seem act on these complaints very quickly and that is a favourable plus.

One of their better tools is an alimony and child support calculator, which is a very effective way of managing a usually contentious issue, making it a lot easier to come to some form of an agreement. Other sites do offer something very similar, but not quite the same as DivorceWriter.com.

If there are children involved then an agreement for some form of co-parenting is very important. DivorceWriter.com has some comprehensive plans that cover this issue and could be very helpful when making these very difficult but important decisions.

Though this site is most probably on a higher level than for example TotalDivorce.com, they are somewhat limited in what they can offer to customers seeking an online divorce.

They don’t as yet have the legal support of attorneys like iDivorceForms.com and MyDivorcePapers.com, which is a very handy backup to have if any conflict emerges during the process of divorcing.

This means that any legal issues that come up, you won’t have that same support. Also, there are no case managers that you can contact for advice and guidance.

Taking all this into consideration, the financial outlay is quite high. Although, at the moment, they are offering a discounted special of $149.00, which is quite competitive with the other websites that are offering online divorces.

More About DivorceWriter.com

If you are a DIY sort of person then this website may be just what you are looking for in starting the process of divorce.

Qualification and registration is free, and they will advise immediately on whether you would be a good candidate for a DIY divorce. Once this is accomplished, you can then start the document completion process, which is relatively straightforward even without legal representation.

DivorceWriter.com will guide you through a series of detailed documented instructions to get you started.


DivorceWriter.com is a site you should consider when starting the process of an online divorce. If your knowledge of computers and the Internet is only average, you may find this site is not very user friendly without some kind of online support. When purchasing a plan out of season, you may still be paying a lot more than what other sites are offering. Not a number one site, but still very good for what they have to offer.


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