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The one complaint that seems to come up from time to time about LegalZoom.com is the small amount of time there is to make any changes. There appears to be just 30 days where you are able to make any adjustments to your divorce papers if necessary. Coupled with their five to seven business days for completion it puts them on the back foot with sites like CompleteCase.com and 3StepDivorce.com. They also fall behind other sites like DivorcePapers and iDivorceForms.com who offer unlimited changes to any divorce papers.

Another problem with LegalZoom.com is their old fashioned mail delivery which comes through the post. Other websites are more up to date allowing downloading and the use of electronic files. While just about all the other divorce sites have gone electronic, it is hard to comprehend whyLegalZoom.com has not followed suit. Also they don’t seem to cover all the fifty US states like the other sites.

Having spoken about the negatives there are some positives. They have a very strong satisfied client base with many coming from the legal and the entertainment areas along with a rating of A+ from The Better Business Bureau.

While not comparable to the other sites that offer individual case managers it does indicate a level of extremely good customer service that makes it a viable prospect for anyone considering divorce online.


Having legal support is a top selling point for LegalZoom.com but this site could still be viewed as not quite getting value for the money they charge. Most of the other competing websites offer a lot more than LegalZoom.com and they also go above and beyond when it comes to customer service with more reasonable pricing plans.

If hiring your own attorney is beyond your financial capabilities then LegalZoom.com could be the answer for a DIY divorce but even then they still don’t quite measure up to some of the other services available out there.

More about LegalZoom.com

A name that is instantly recognizable with online divorces is LegalZoom.com. Attorneys are the main driving force behind this business and is one of the only sites that offer legal advice, which in itself is a very good recommendation for people who may require that support.

Registration and qualification are free for anyone considering this option. It incorporates many of the standard services like a child support /alimony calculator as well as settlement planning along with free name change if required and unlimited customer support as well as legal advice.

All these perks may well justify the higher price as compared to other websites, but it still comes down to the individual and what they are willing to pay for services rendered.


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