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TotalDivorce.com is an online divorce site but is not involved in the filing and compiling services. Its main function is connecting clients with a reputable lawyer if they are wanting to file for divorce.

While this particular service can minimize the stress of trying to find a good lawyer, it is still not the complete solution for people seeking an online divorce and this is made very clear to prospective clients.

This service is really intended for people who may believe there will be resentment and conflict in their divorce proceedings and are reluctant to try and handle it themselves.

TotalDivorce.com has very little customer support as its primary function is referrals so the value is not there if you are wanting a cheap and easy divorce. Using this site could add more stress to an already stressful situation because the customer support is not there.

Unfortunately, there will be a lot of documents to read and many telephone calls from the lawyer once you have finalized the plan you want to use.


TotalDivorce.com is the perfect solution for people who want to involve a lawyer in their divorce proceedings. All the information is there for when lawyers start building a case and you will be kept informed on what to expect during the process. They will be competing for your business so you need to choose wisely. Above all keep in mind going down this route may still cost you thousands of dollars so if money is tight this might not be the best solution to your divorce problems.

More about TotalDivorce.com

In the online divorce market TotalDivorce.com stands out as far as having the most up-to-date documents and the ability to find the best lawyers around your area.

They also have other great products like child support and alimony calculators along with parenting plans to help parents guide their children through the stress of a divorce.

The registration is free but unlike some of the other top class websites for online divorce, it does not have editing or completion capabilities for their documents.


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