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iDivorceForms.com offers payment plan options and when you compare it to 3StepDivorce.com, it is slightly cheaper. The site overall is more user friendly and a lot easier to find your way around. While most online divorce sites are reasonably priced, iDivorceForms.com seems to have the edge in that area.

About iDivorceForms.com

  • Service: Online divorce document preparation
  • Company: iDivorceForms
  • Owner: Joshua Roache
  • Head office: 26060 Acero, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
  • Established: 2001

iDivorceForms.com has the following payment plans available: a one-off payment of $149.00 or you can choose from two or three part payment plans, which will cost slightly more. iDivorceForms.com is very competitive against the other online sites like DivorceWriter.com and 3StepDivorce.com.

CertifiedComments.com is a review site which iDivorceForms.com has used to establish and validate customer feedback. This is a good thing even though it does cost a little more. The rating from the Better Business Bureau has constantly remained at A+ even after several years in business. Some customers find the multiple payment plans a lot easier to manage than having to come up with one lump sum. iDivorceForms.com has a lot of positive reviews and the customers seem to be satisfied with their services.

By going the extra mile with the added price, it enhances the value to the customer service and experience. Verified positive feedback adds assurance and satisfaction to anyone thinking of using this site. Having researched other services that include attorney-led divorce cases, you are assured with iDivorceForms.com that you are getting extremely good value for money.

More About iDivorceForms.com

One of the best online long standing divorce sites is iDivorceForms.com. The closest competitor to this site would be MyDivorcePapers.com. The products on offer are very similar and so is the level of customer service.

MyDivorcePapers.com is an older and more established site whereas iDivorceForms.com is slightly newer and less expensive–but has still been giving excellent services to customers and their spouses who are seeking to file for divorce, but are unsure where to start.

iDivorceForms.com offers easy access case managers that keep the clients up to date with the process and offer advice on what the next step will be. Even though the online forms and instructions are very easy to follow, the individual support from these case managers make the process a lot less painful.


iDivorceForms.com has highly competitive products that speak for themselves. The high level of customer support and the flexible payment plans place this site in the top three on the market only slightly behind MyDivorcePapers.com.


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